What is it? (Name and Object)1

What is it? (Name and Object)1


(先生)We are going to play “What is it?” game. Who wants to do it with me?

(これから「What is it?」のゲームをします。一緒にやりたい人)

(先生)XX sensei, could you please come to me?


(先生)Showing the picture card to him or her.


<子ども>What is it?

(先生)It’s a book. Repeat after me. (先生・子どもに言葉を何度か繰り返してもらう)

(先生)Can you find and bring a book in the classroom?


<子ども>Yes, I can!

<子ども>Here you are.

(先生)Thank you.

(先生)”This is a book”. ”This is a book”, saying the object name and picture card name. Then say, “They are same”.

・Repeat till the last picture card.